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Your furniture could change a life

Canada's most responsible furniture removal service. Funds collected from the furniture removal service go back to the organization to support our mission of ending furniture poverty.

How it works?

We pick up your furniture

Your furniture goes to a family in need

Our Impact:


Families helped

To Date in 2022/2023


Items Delivered


Tonnes of furniture diverted from landfills


What Is A Furniture Bank?

Many people have come to understand the value and importance of food banks across Canada and North America.  A Furniture Bank operates on a similar premise. Generous donors “deposit” gentled use furniture and household items, and people in need “withdraw” what they need to furnish their homes. 

How do Furniture Banks Support Community?

Reuse organizations like Furniture Banks can create significant social opportunities including employment and volunteerism, skills training, and a supportive employment. Staff and volunteers, many who have been previous clients, gain work related skills while giving back to their communities.

Who do we help?

Women and children leaving shelters, people transitioning from homelessness, youth aging out of Care, newcomers and refugees.  Many of the people we serve come from housing situations which are at best temporary.  Many do not have access to funds to support furnishing an apartment and Social Assistance often barely covers first and last months rent.  Furniture Banks are an ethical and fair method to turn four walls into a home.

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