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Need Furniture?

The following information is for community members need that to use our furniture bank.

Please read!

To receive furniture from us you must be participating in a program at one of our referral agency partners.

If you are not in a program see below for a list of agencies you can contact.

If you are an agency worker and your organization is not listed here your Executive Director or Program Developer may apply to have your organization added to our list. *note: there is a rather long waiting list at this time.





If you are a new agency worker you will need to contact us via email and we will get you signed up on our system.



Our clients include: 

  • Individuals leaving an abusive situation with or without children 

  • Youth Aging out of Care 

  • Persons experiencing or in danger of facing homelessness 

  • Newcomers to Manitoba 

  • Persons experiencing natural disasters 

  • People recovering from substance abuse

  • Those dealing with HIV/Aides

Referring Agencies

Ikwe-Widdjiitiwin –

P.O. Box 1056

Winnipeg, Manitoba

R3C 2X4



To Support Aboriginal women and their children end family violence, by offering shelter during crisis and nurturing hope, change and empowerment for tomorrow.

Kim Fontaine (Executive Director) –


Indigenous Women’s Healing Centre

–105 Aikins Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba

R2W 4E6

Telephone:  (204) 989-8240

Fax:  (204) 586-1101

MISSION:“To be first and foremost, a safe home for Native women and their children; to support women who have been victimized, either in their interpersonal relationships or through systemic neglect, and to support women who are left without resources to independently make the changes they feel are necessary.”


North End Women’s Centre –

94 Selkirk Ave.
Winnipeg MB
R2W 2M2


`  Mission statement: NEWC facilitates healing, wellness and capacity building through diverse community-centred approaches.


Willow Place

P.O. Box 1786, Winnipeg, MB R3C 2Z9

(204) 615-0313, ext. 0

Willow Place provides inclusive, no-cost family violence prevention services, 24-hours, every day of the year.

Executive Director: Marcie Wood 204 615-0313 ext. 230


Bravestone Centre

Phone: 204-275-2600
Fax: 204-275-5416
St. Norbert P.O. Box 202
Winnipeg, MB R3V 1L6

Bravestone Centre is a non-profit charitable organization that provides women and their children affected by domestic violence with full-time counselling and support programs while living in the safety of our program. 

Executive director- Lori Rudniski

204-275-2600 ex 2


Alpha House –

P.O. Box 37015
RPO St. Vital Centre
Winnipeg, MB, R2M 5R3


Alpha House is a year-long program for women and their children leaving an abusive relationship.

Cherie Hennessey – Executive Director


Chez Rachel –

C.P 183
Winnipeg, MB
R2H 3B4

204-925-2551 (fax)

ChezRachel provides safe and accessible services, a secure/protective home, counselling and legal support. We bring hope for a better future. We offer various programs for women and children that are designed to help them develop the skills, abilities, and confidence necesarry to live independently.

Sonia Grmela (Executive Director)


Phone number 204 925 2550


Elizabeth Fry Society –

544 Selkirk Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
R2W 2M9

Phone: 204-589-7335
Toll Free: 1-800-582-5655
Fax: 204-589-7338

established as an independent non-profit organization in 1983 to address the unique needs of women in the provincial and federal justice system.

Tasha Banfield (Executive Director) –


Ka Ni Kanichichk (Medicine Bear Counselling Program & Honoring Gifts Programs)

455 McDermot Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3A 0B5

Tel. (204) 953-5820
Fax (204) 953-5824

 Our vision is to lead our people back home to a place where we are self-determining, healthy, happy, and respected for our cultural and spiritual strengths and ways of being.

Honoring Gifts Program

Jennifer Mousseau – Team Lead – Employment & Training Programs .  204-953-5820 ext.207

Medicine Bear Counselling Program

Program Coordinator- Ashleigh Schultz-Bear 204-953-5820

Tobi Jolly - Family Information Liaison Unit lead


Wahbung –

225 Dufferin Ave,

Winnipeg, MB R2W 5N7

(204) 925-4610

Wahbung offers programs, services and resources to children, youth and women involved in family violence situations.

Dana Arabe (Executive Director)  –

204-925-4610 ext.224

Destiny Mitchell (Housing Support)

204-925-4610 ext.222


Taking Charge!

276 Colony Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 1W3

Phone: 204-925-1100
Fax: 204-925-1105



Viviana Geauvreau

Warren Lafreniere

Jacqueline Wall (Executive Director) –


A Place to Call Home

215-181 Higgins Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
R3B 3G1
Telephone: 204-925-3700
Fax: 204-925-3709

A Place to Call Home uses a Intensive Case Management (ICM) Approach that provides a range of program services for Chronic and Episodic homeless urban Aboriginal person empowering the individual (s) to achieve their self –identified goals.

Mary (Administrative Assistant)- 204-925-3706


Fresh Start

2nd floor 275 Portage Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Phone: (204) 954-3050

Fax: (204) 954-3066

 Fresh Start is an First Nation housing project with End Homelessness – Reaching Home; built on the principles of the Housing First Program. Doorways are an innovative initiative that will help end homelessness for the most vulnerable individuals.

Brian Campbell – Team Lead


Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre (Residential Sites)

 Wi Che Win

800 Selkirk Avenue

Winnipeg MB R2W2N6


Programs include community programs, youth programs, children-in-care programs as well as The Housing First Program.

Danielle Parenteaux – Acting Team Lead         204-451-3112


(McDonald Youth Services) Now called The Link

175 Mayfair Pl

Winnipeg MB R3L OA1

Phone 204-477-1722

Fax 204-284-4431

MYS offers a range of FREE supports and services to help stabilize youth and families in times of crisis and improve your long-term strength, resilience & wellbeing. Our goal is to help keep families together, surrounded by an extended community of support.

Cora Nadeau - Case Manager –


Mount Carmel –  Act II & Mothering Project

886 Main Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2W 5L4 Canada

P • 204.582.2311
F • 204.582.6006

Mount Carmel Act II –

 896 Main St.

Winnipeg MB R2W 3P3

(204) 943-5512

Susan Mace – (program manager)

Mount Carmel Mothering Project –


509 King St.

Winnipeg MB R2W 5L2



125 Sherbrook Street
Winnipeg, MB R3C 2B5
Tel: 204-783-5617
Fax: 204-775-4988

RaY provides free resources and programs for anyone 29 and under who needs assistance.


Transition Services (Siloam Mission)

300 Princess Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 1M3

Transition Services exists to empower people to enhance their quality of life through support and accountability around self-determined goals.


Street Links –

311 Provencher Blvd.
Winnipeg, MB.,
R2H 0G8

Phone: 204-615-5557

Fax: 204-219-9775

Marion Willis 204 294-7637 (Executive Director) – or


More Than Four Walls (West Central Women’s Resource Centre)

 640 Ellice Ave

Winnipeg, MB

R3G 0A7

Phone: (204) 774-8975
Fax: (204) 783-3173

To empower women and their community to move from where they are to where they want to be, by providing responsive programming, facilitating knowledge sharing and connection, and contributing to culture shift and policy transformation.


Nine Circles

705 Broadway
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3G 0X2

Ph. 204-940-6000

Fax: 204-940-6003

Nine Circles Community Health Centre, with expertise in the care and treatment of HIV, Hepatitis C and other sexually transmitted infections, delivers comprehensive primary care, social support, education and prevention services – creating healthier communities for Manitobans.

Mike Payne : Executive Director:


Shawenim Abinoojii Inc.

1386 Main Street, Winnipeg, MB R2W 



The Reunification Team provide placement services for families working toward reunification and independence from the child welfare system. The goal of this program is to support families as they make important decisions for healing and wellness.

Brandy Kowal: Manager, Memengoo Program

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