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What Is A Furniture Bank?

Many people have come to understand the value and importance of food banks across Canada and North America.  A Furniture Bank operates on a similar premise. Generous donors “deposit” gentled use furniture and household items, and people in need “withdraw” what they need to furnish their homes. 

Please be aware that due to overwhelming response we have reached our capacity for donations until the new year! We will however still accept single beds and your financial donations.


How do Furniture Banks Support Community?

Reuse organizations like Furniture Banks can create significant social opportunities including employment and volunteerism, skills training, and a supportive employment. Staff and volunteers, many who have been previous clients, gain work related skills while giving back to their communities.

Who Do We Help?

Women and children leaving shelters, people transitioning from homelessness, youth aging out of Care, newcomers and refugees.  Many of the people we serve come from housing situations which are at best temporary.  Many do not have access to funds to support furnishing an apartment and Social Assistance often barely covers first and last months rent.  Furniture Banks are an ethical and fair method to turn four walls into a home.

We Deliver Bedbug Free!

All donations cycling through our warehouse are also heat treated, so we can certify your furniture and household items are bed bug free.


Got Bedbugs?

Through our  fee for service program, we offer bedbug treatments and/or moving services for those that wish to have their furniture or belongings treated that do not qualify via our not for profit furniture bank. We offer 3 levels of service to match your needs

 Please contact our office and we'll guide you through the process.

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What Is 
OT Boutique?

Every year Oyate Tipi receives dozens of donated items  that don't fall into our regular categories. This often includes antiques and collectables. To help cover the costs of running our furniture bank we offer these valuable items for sale at discounted prices. We will be featuring some of these items on our website as well as other platforms such a Ebay and Facebook Marketplace. 

Coming Soon

You Can

Providing a service such as a furniture bank is a large and complex process. Like anything worthwhile it takes time, effort, and money. We can't do it alone! We need your help!

Every piece of furniture you donate not only helps a family in need but also helps sustain our environment by contributing to reducing landfill waste.

Your cash donations help to ensure we remain strong and can provide help to everyone that needs it.

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