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A message about our furniture removal service from our Executive Director

Hello from Oyate Tipi,

Every year our furniture bank helps to get bed bug free furniture and household goods to hundreds of families that are suffering from furniture poverty. Sadly, despite our efforts the demand for this service grossly outweighs our ability to help everyone.

Each year due to inflation and government funding cuts our ability provide this service gets more challenging.

We do not sell the items we collect. We deliver them no charge to those that need them. This is why we operate our furniture removal service and appreciate your help.

When you contract us to pick up your unwanted furniture and household items 100% of the monies we collect goes directly to our mission to help as many families as we can. It helps to cover expenses such as:

• Our trucks and fuel.

• Our delivery drivers and helpers.

• Heat treating all the items we collect for potential bed bug infestations.

• Our support staff who help to make sure items go to those that need them most.

• All the expenses of running our facility such as utilities, property taxes, and maintenance.

As a customer you get the benefit of knowing your items will go to a family that needs them rather than to a land fill. Did you know that despite other junk removal companies that say they recycle most of the items they pick up go directly to the land fill anyway?

You will also get a tax-deductible receipt for the items you donate through our service. Thank you again for your consideration we look forward from hearing from you soon.

If you have any questions or would like to do a drop off, please feel to contact us at If you wish to book a pickup, please call 1-888 432 8449.


Greg Georgeson Acting Executive Director

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